Sunday, March 11, 2018

One Scale at a time ⚖️⏲🌹

I have been struggling with my weight loss and fitness journey since a long time now, almost two years. I reached my highest weight in 2016 when I decided that enough was enough. What I didn’t realize at that time was that dieting or hard core exercises were not the right way of dealing with this issue. When you gain a lot of weight, the most obvious reason for the gain is wrong lifestyle choices. So when you decide to lose weight, you should never go on a all or nothing spree. You have to accept your body as it is first to bring any positive changes in yourself.

It took me two years to lose 10 kilos. The two years may seem like a long time for many people but the important point is that the number on the weighing scale was not the only things that took so long. It was a change in the mindset that took time. 

Everyone who is fat knows that it is not just the food that has led to this gain, rather it is not eating nutritious food and being active that led you to the high number on the scale. Focus on the foods that you can eat to feel better rather than the foods that give you temporary pleasure. It is easier said than done. The best way to see results is to START. 

Some tips that helped me change my mindset:

1. Take baby steps. All your life you have been fat so understand that things won’t change overnight. It is okay to cheat sometimes as long as you compensate by eating well for the rest of the days. Even a 10 minute walk inside your house helps you regain your fitness levels. 

2. Appreciate yourself. Loving yourself is the most important thing that will help you reach your goals. Focus on appreciating yourself even for small things. If you live a sedentary life then walking at home everyday for 10 minutes or having one less slice of pizza will also help. Appreciate your body for helping you achieve your goals.

3. Do something every day. You don’t have to go to the gym or do aerobics every day to see positive change in your body. When I started my journey, I used to walk only for 15 minutes every day and do some light cardio a few days in a week. It helped me lose a few kilos that further motivated me to do more. Know your body and its limits. You may not be as fit when you start but you will get there. Don’t punish yourself by over exercising. Be kind to yourself. The motto is to be active while eating nutrition filled meals.

4. One Scale at a time. There may be days when the weighing scale doesn’t move. You may lose inches and develop new muscle which may decrease the number of kilos you lose. Don’t get disheartened. The good news is that it is much more difficult to lose inches than it is to lose weight. The fact that you are losing the inches and gaining muscles is better than losing weight by crash dieting. So even if the weighing scale doesn’t move, don’t worry as long as your inch scale is moving and your is getting stronger. 

There are many advices available online regaridng weight loss and diets. What has and is working for me is being patient, consistent and perseverant. The person who does not give up is the one who wins. It’s better to be a tortoise and win the race slowly and steadily than being a rabbit who ultimately gives up. Love yourself, avcept yourself and give your body time to show you the results. After all Rome was not built in a day too so why push yourself and get burnt out? Focus on becoming string and fit and not thin to fit in a dress.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

You Are Beautiful As You Are 🌹

Each one of us is “One in a billion”. All of us are unique and there is no other person like you. Isn’t that amazing? Yet we constantly try to be like someone else by comparing ourselves with others. Such behavior harms us mentally and physically. A lot of talk is going on about looks and depression after the demise of a famous Bollywood actress Sridevi. Many celebrities have spoken about suffering from depression and anxiety despite being famous, rich and good looking. 

Why do such perfect people feel misreable when they have everything that one can wish for? The answer to this question is that it is human tendency to always feel dissatisfied with what God has blessed us with. We suffer not because of what we don’t have, but because of not valuing what we have. All humans were created with different personalities. No two people look the same. One may have a perfect body while the other may have the perfect brain. Instead of complaining about what we don’t have, we should appreciate what we have. Each one of us has been blessed with a beautiful heart. But we give importance to the external beauty more than the inner beauty.

Whether you are fat or thin, black or white, tall or short, you are beautiful just as you are because you are the creation of nature. All creations of nature are beautiful. You don’t need to look like Tom Hanks or Aishwarya Rai to feel beautiful. You don’t need to be complemented to feel loved. When you believe in the beauty of nature and power of the Creator, you feel complete as you are. One must never forget that it was One Hand that made us all. When that Hand didn’t discriminate amongst us, then why should we? 

1. Learning to love yourself first is the most important step to feel satisfied with who you are. Once you get there, it won’t matter what others say or think. 

2. Don’t compare yourself with others. Comparisons are the worst form of criticism. You should always try to become a better human being not by comparison but by example.

3. Never set a benchmark of “looking like a Role Model” as your reason to achieve your goals. It is great to have Role Models as they inspire you to achieve more in your life. However, constantly trying to imitate someone doesn’t make you that person. You are already amazing just the way you are. Focus on learning values from your role models, work hard and be honest in your actions. But don’t get depressed if you fail. Always remember your role model may have been just like you when he or she started out.

4. Believe in yourself. Self belief and faith can move mountains. Don’t ever give up on yourself no matter how tough life gets. If you don’t believe in you then no one else will. 

5. Say NO to body shaming. Stop punishing yourself for not looking a certain way. The worst thing that we do to ourselves is body shaming ourselves for not being thin or tall or fair. Set a goal to be fit and strong instead of being a Size Zero. Size Ten is as beautiful as Size Zero. Don’t label yourself in “Sizes”. Adopt a healthy lifestyle, practice yoga and exercise everyday to become fit.

6. Know that You are Unique and Beautiful As You Are. The great news is that each one of us is the only one in the world and there is nobody else like you. Believe in your beauty. Believe in your strengths. Believe that you are unique. Other creations of nature don’t judge themselves by their appearance so why should we? You are the best and the happiest when you are yourself. You don’t need to change your uniqueness to become someone else because you are beautiful just the way you are.

Beauty lies in the heart. Strive to be a better human being everyday. Have compassion for others and always choose to be kind.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Aiyaary Movie Review (3/5⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Neeraj Pandey directed film Aiyaari has finally released. The long wait is over now as the film releases. The trailers of this film were very promising but the movie was not as great as expected. The story revolves around two stubborn army officers justifying their respective paths of action. The main leads are played by Manoj Bajpayee and Sidharth Malhotra. In a time when people are pressed for time, this movie goes on for a complete three hours. However, it keeps you glued to your seats for most of the time.

Manoj Bajpai playes Colonel Abhay Singh who mentors Major Jai Bakshi played by Sidharth Malhotra. Due to differing perspectives, they choose different paths. There is a small romantic angle in the movie but mostly it is the tom and jerry chase between Abhay Singh and Jai Bakshi that captivates the audience.

The film has been edited and directed very well and none of the scenes appear to be unnecessary. The plot is complex and involves multiple stories within the big story. The star cast is amazing as actors such as Anupam Kher and Naseeruddin Shah are a part of the film. When you see such actors, you hope to see them more in the movie, but unfortunately, they have a very small role. It was disappointing to see such legendary actors being casted for such a small role although their presence is felt even if they appear on the screen only for a while.

This movie is definitely a comeback for Manoj Bajpai, who has not got his share of fame despite being an amazing actor. He is the star in this film and steals all your attention. Sidharth has done a great job as well but I was amazed at the way Manoj Bajpai has delivered. Manoj Bajpai is a great actor and has proved himself many times. In this movie, Bajpai is the show stopper. He plays his character with great art and by the end of the movie, Bajpai is the name that audience will encore for.

The direction was good and everyone plays their part well. The only downside to the film is the overly complicated story. If only they had focused on one issue instead of many issues, it would be a 5 star rated film.

Overall, it is a good film and I do recommend watching this movie for the thrilling aspect and for Manoj Bajpai. He creates a “Satya’s Bhiku Mhatre” effect once again. 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Love Yourself ❤️

This morning when I went to work, I heard people talking about Valentines day,

I saw chocolates and perfumes wrapped as gifts and roses smelling beautiful on my way,

Young and old all seemed happy while walking with each other hand in hand on a working day,

Someone came to me and asked me if I wanted to buy a present to celebrate Valentines day,

I smiled at him and said to him “I am celebrating this day by loving myself”,

He looked astonished and walked away while murmuring something to himself,

I heard him say “How can loving one self be a way to celebrate this romantic day?”

I said to him “We love everyone so much that we forget ourselves then why not celebrate a day by loving yourself?”,

Roses wither, romantic dinners will be forgotten, the smell of the perfume will also disappear,

But the gift of loving oneself is a worthy gift because it will make you lose all fear,

We depend on others for support and love and while doing things for others we ignore ourselves,

Why not instead focus on being happy in your own company?,

You can love someone by giving your best but first you must learn to love yourself,

This Valentines day I gave a gift to myself and that gift was of resolving everyday to love myself.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Remembering your loved ones ❤️

Walking down the memory lane,

I think of you with a feeling of pain,

We walked together on most days,

Till one day we had to part ways,

I think of you when I look at the starry night,

Remembering the fun we had before you went out of my sight,

I think of you when the skies are blue,

Remembering our friendship which was so true,

Time flies and I don’t know where you might be,

But I hope when you walk alone you must be thinking of me,

We meet so many people in our lives everyday,

But some leave an impact which is meant to stay.

The above poem is in celebration of the Memory Day which is a new trend introduced by Mypicbook. You could gift your loved ones a picbook(photo album) on 15th February to celebrate Memory Day as the best gift you could give to your loved ones is a collection of the memories you shared. Below are the picbook links for you to order a collection of memories to your loved ones:
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